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Healthy Meals, Homecooked Nutrition

You may notice that your elderly parent is having trouble handling kitchen utensils or difficulty preparing meals for themselves. Frail health can make cooking dangerous for seniors and often, arthritic hands make meal preparation difficult. However, for the elderly proper nutrition is important. Senior home assistance can help you or loved one with meal planning, without sacrificing their sense of independence.

What is Meal Planning Service?

Meal planning services from a professional in-home caregiver can be a source of fun for the senior who enjoys discovering new recipes. For others who may have lost interest in preparing food, it can be a necessity.

Your loved one may have a dulled sense of taste as they age. In addition, certain medications may cause unpleasant side effects that impact their appetite. Guiding your loved one to nutritious foods that they can enjoy is part of in-home senior care. The Choice Home Care team also creates menus that incorporate all the major food groups with whole foods and tasty preparations.

Working With Your Loved One to Purchase Healthy Food

Choice Home Care’s caregivers help ensure that our senior clients eat the right foods to stay as healthy as possible, creating a balanced grocery list that fits within their budget. Grocery planning includes helping your family member clip coupons, visit local farmer’s markets, and dispose of outdated and expired food.

Driving your loved one to the grocery store and helping them grocery shop can give them both companionship and the help they need to purchase food. Shopping trips can become bonding experiences. For many elderly, help bagging items, loading groceries into the car, and carrying them into the house is helpful for those with mobility limitations.

Delicious Meals, Easily Prepared

Senior home assistance for meal preparation includes helping those with unsteady hand create easily prepared meals. Meal assistance includes:

Meal prep can also be a form of bonding, as Choice Home Care services include companionship. Spending time exploring new recipes or trying new foods can be a part of your loved one’s daily or weekly routine.

Did you know that nearly half of those 65 and older mar malnourished or suffer from health issues due to an unbalanced diet? As seniors age, they also have difficulty with food absorption which can affect whether their medications are processed correctly and their ability to get vital nutrients from their meals.

Our clients tell us they are thankful for the difference Choice Home Care makes in their life and their loved one’s lives.

Senior Home Assistance From Choice Home Care

The skilled, compassionate caregivers from Choice Home Care can help your loved one in Birmingham, AL, retain the independence they desire, in their own home. Meal preparation, grocery shopping, and meal planning are vital skills to help your loved one lead a high quality of life.

When a senior family member is unable to prepare healthy meals for themselves, they may suffer a decline in health. Nourishing meals that appeal to your elder’s palate may increase their quality of life.

Choice Home Care also offers other caretaker and companionship services. Our friendly, professional consultants work with you to determine the needs specific to your loved one. We work with families to help elders remain in their homes while easing the burden of caring for an aging parent. When you’re ready to find out how our Meal Preparation Service can help you and your loved one, our compassionate team is ready to take your call.

Why Choose Choice Home Care


We provide prompt, reliable professional caregivers to meet the individual needs of your loved one.


At Choice we pride ourselves in listening first then quickly responding to your needs.


Choice caregivers are trained by an in-house nurse manager. In addition, we meet or exceed the training standards set forth by the State of Alabama and The Office of Senior Citizens.

Bonded & Insured

As an added protection for our clients, all of our employees are fully covered for liability while on the job.

24-Hours Availability

Someone is on call 24 hours. Speak to a live person and get immediate results–not an answering machine!

Drug Screening

Drug screens are performed initially, and also throughout the year. In addition to background checks, we check for any abuse history, fraud, and sex offense.

Background Checks

As a condition of employment, caregivers consent to a criminal background check. They must maintain an offense-free record to be employed by Choice.

Alzheimer's Specialists

Choice caregivers are all certified by the Alzheimer’s Association (Cares Program). In addition, they are experienced in dealing with dementia patients. Applied knowledge equals experience, and our goal is to bring peace of mind to family members who are impacted by this disease.

Our clients tell us they are thankful for the difference Choice Home Care

makes in their life and their loved one’s lives.


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