parent assisted homecare

Do My Parents Need Assistance at Home?

Watching our parents age brings many new questions and thoughts into our lives – and wondering if our parents need help, or can live independently, is one of the biggest. We want to make our parents lives easier, but we don’t want make them feel like they are losing their independence. Choosing the correct time […]

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elderly dehydration

Avoiding Elderly Dehydration

Elderly dehydration is a very serious risk factor as we grow older. When most of us picture dehydration, we think of overworking on a hot day. As we get older, however, it takes far less to drain our bodies of the water they need so badly. One of the best ways to combat dehydration is […]

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exercises for the elderly

Easy At-Home Exercises

Physical exercise is important at any age, but the older we get, the more crucial being active is for a longer, happier life. The irony of the situation is that when it matters the most, it is hardest for us to accomplish. No matter what condition or age we are in, however, it is never […]

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accepting aging parents

Accepting the Aging of Our Parents

For many people, parents are the closest thing they have to a real-life superhero. Endless words of wisdom, delicious home-cooked meals, and tolerating us when we were teenagers have formed a bond that can’t be replaced. Unfortunately, there will be a time when dad starts to look a little weaker and mom’s memory isn’t what […]

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[Guest Post] Mesothelioma: What Seniors Should Know

  The following is a guest post from the Pleural Mesothelioma Center, which serves to provide information for mesothelioma patients and their loved ones. Malignant mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive cancer caused almost exclusively by prolonged, occupational exposure to asbestos, and it presents unique and difficult challenges for patients and their families. Unlike breast, […]

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growing older benefits

4 Perks of Growing Older

Many people think of growing older in a negative way, and because of this, a large part of our population actually fears the aging process. While there are certainly some challenges that come along with the passing of years, the truth is that often, there are more advantages to growing older than there are disadvantages. […]

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home care for senior citizens

3 Steps to Choosing the Right Home Care Agency

When your aging parent can no longer live independently, the housing options can seem overwhelming. Should you use a retirement community, a skilled nursing facility, or something in between? What is there in between? Many families are turning to a third option: home care services. But what is home care for senior citizens, and why […]

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after Alzheimer’s diagnosis

Life After an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis: What Happens Now?

It’s something none of us want to hear: our loved one has Alzheimer’s Disease. But unfortunately, many of us will hear those words, and life will not stop just because we aren’t sure what to do next. So what happens after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis? What can you expect? Keep reading to find out. Immediately After […]

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in-home care

My Senior Loved One Can’t Live Alone Anymore. Now What?

When your elderly loved one needs consistent help for everyday life, you may feel overwhelmed by trying to choose the best housing option for them. What most senior citizens want is to stay in their home, where they feel comfortable and are surrounded by a familiar environment. If a retirement home isn’t the best option, […]

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dementia vs alzheimers

What Is the Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

If your senior loved one has shown possible symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s, you may be wondering which of the two paths they are headed down – and if there is even a difference between the two. Both of these conditions can cause dramatic life changes for both you and your senior loved one – […]

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